Maternal and child health services

Whether you’re planning to expand your family, currently expecting, or navigating the joys and challenges of being a new parent, our dedicated GPs and paediatric specialists provide compassionate, personalised support.

Comprehensive care for mothers and children

Our maternal and child health services are designed to support you and your family through every chapter of your lives, ensuring your little ones receive the best start possible. From preconception planning to postnatal care, our dedicated GPs and pediatric specialists offer guidance and medical care that respects your family’s values and needs while maintaining a whole-picture view of your wellbeing. Among our many maternal and child health services, we offer vaccinations and personalised catch-up vaccination schedules.

Why choose our maternal and child health services?

Whole-person health

Our integrated services go beyond immediate care, emphasising long-term, whole-person wellness through education, prevention, and comprehensive treatment options.

Community focus

Having dedicated ourselves to caring for the Plantagenet area for over 35 years, our medical centre is deeply embedded in the local community.

Integrated healthcare

Our multidisciplinary team works together under one roof — and in tandem with the adjacent Plantagenet Hospital — to provide seamless, coordinated care.

State-of-the-art care

Our skilled, empathetic practitioners stay up to date with the latest medical knowledge and practices. This is part of our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of care.


We prioritise listening to understand, not to judge. When you visit us, you can take as much time as you need. We want to make sure you feel heard, valued, and respected.


Our family-oriented approach means that every member of your family — from children to seniors — receives the highest quality of care in a welcoming environment.


Are your child care services bulk billed?

Yes, it’s our policy to bulk bill all appointments for children under the age of 16 years, meaning zero out-of-pocket costs.

What is the best time to start pre-conception consultations?

We suggest booking your first pre-conception consultation as soon as you start considering growing your family. That way, we can offer guidance on optimal health practices and necessary medical assessments to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

What should I expect during an antenatal visit?

Antenatal visits at Plantagenet Medical Centre are designed to monitor your health and your developing baby’s health. These appointments include routine medical checks, screenings, and any necessary tests to ensure a healthy pregnancy journey. We have Doppler machines to listen to your baby’s heartbeat, and an ultrasound machine to check on your baby’s position and growth.

How does the immunisation catch-up schedule work?

If your child has fallen behind the standard immunisation schedule, our nurses can create a personalised catch-up vaccination plan. This ensures your child receives all necessary immunisations in a timely manner, protecting them against various diseases.

If Medicare doesn’t, will my health insurance cover my appointment?

Coverage depends on your specific health insurance plan. Please contact your insurance provider to confirm what is and isn’t covered.

After hours support

For medical emergencies, dial 000. Plantagenet Hospital’s Emergency Department is open 24/7.

We offer after-hour appointments some Monday evenings, billed at the full private rate. Book online via Automed or call our admin team: (08) 9892 1000. For free advice after hours, contact Health Direct at 1800 022 222.

If you’re a regular patient in need of after-hours consultation, you can call (08) 9892 1000. Follow the prompts towards the end of the voice message, and you can be put through to our on-call GP for advice. Please note… There is a $150 fee for an after-hours phone consultation of up to 15 minutes duration, payable on the next business day.There may not be any Medicare rebate available, depending on your specific situation. If you require an after-hours home visit, your doctor will advise you of the private rate prior to attending.